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ZBrush - Make Eyes In ZBrush tutorial
Make Eyes In ZBrush
Tutorial that shows you how to make an image map for an eyeball using symmetry.

Zbrush - Making Materials tutorial
Making Materials
Learn how to make materials in ZBrush

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Great tutorials, models and more on 3D Resources. RECOMMENDED

Fog And Smoke Alphas And Textures Tutorial
Fog And Smoke Alphas And Textures Tutorial

Head Modeling Tutorial
Head modeling tutorial.

Hollow Objects Tutorial
Hollow objects tutorial.

Initializing A Tool With Selection
Initializing A Tool With Selection Tutorial.

Initializing the SweepProfile Tool Tutorial
Initializing the SweepProfile Tool Tutorial.

Material Modifier Tutorial
Material Modifier Tutorial.

Quick Eyeball Textures Tutorial
Quick Eyeball Textures Tutorial.

Quick Skin Texture Tutorial
Quick skin texture tutorial.

Quickie ViewScapes Tutorial
Quickie ViewScapes Tutorial.

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