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Actionscript 2.0
With the arrival of Flash MX 2004, Macromedia introduced a new version of the scripting language for Flash - ActionScript 2.0.

Actionscript Tutorials
The site for lots of Actionscript tutorials. RECOMMENDED

Actionscript Tutorials
News flasher, preloaders, pop-ups and more tutorials for Actionscript.

Actionscript Tutorials -- Flash Kit
Basic and expert tutorials for Actionscript.

Flash 8, AS2 and Remoting Components Tutorial
This is an introduction to Remoting using AS2 classes. (A ColdFusion example is added also)

Flash Actionscript
Global variables, variable scope, array’s, random colors and more tutorials on this website for Actionscript tutorials.

Flash Actionscript Tutorials
Lots of Actionscript tutorials to help you find the solution to your scripting problems.

Macromedia Flash Actionscript
Some detailed tutorials for Actionscript.

Official Macromedia Flash Actionscript tutorial Site
The official support website for Flash Actionscript.

Tutorials For Flash Actionscript
These tutorials will quickly turn you into the design or developer guru you always wanted to be. Or so they claim..

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