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Amorphium - Create Human-like Head tutorial
Create Human-like Head
A tutorial for creating human-like heads.

More Tutorials:

Alien Craniums In Amorphium using Poser Figures
Alien heads in a few easy steps.

Amorphium - Textures
The purpose of this tutorial is the explain Amorphium's Texture work space and it's tools.

Animating Two Objects
You can make it appear that 2 objects are moving in Composer, by merging in Composer and using Mask and the Mask Displacement Tool. Along with the Bank Distortion Tool.

Free Form Modeling in Amorphium Pro Tutorial
Free form modeling in Amorphium Pro tutorial.

Full Body Morphing in Amorphium
This is an advanced form of the "Magic Triangle" method that will allow you to make morphs that span over more than one part of the body.

Hints and Tips for Amorphium
An undocumented feature in Amorphium for drawing lines.

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